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Research interest: Algebraic number theory with emphasis on arithmetic of L-values

Research papers

22. Five variable p-adic L-functions for U(3)xU(2). (with S. Yamana)

      Submitted. [pdf] (arXiv:2311.17661)

21. CM congruence and trivial zeros of the Katz p-adic L-functions for CM fields. (with Adel Betina)

      Submitted. [pdf] (arXiv:2202.07286)

20. Bessel periods and anticylotomic p-adic spinor L-functions. (with S. Yamana)

      Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, to appear. [pdf] (arXiv:1810.03231)

19. Four variable p-adic triple product L-functions and the trivial zero conjecture. (with S. Yamana)

      Mathematische Annalen (2024), published online. [pdf]   

18. The derivative formula of p-adic L-functions for imaginary quadratic fields at trivial zeros. (with M. Chida)

      Ann. Math. Québec (Special birthday issue for Bernadette Perrin-Riou), 47(2023), no.1, 1-30. [pdf]

17. Base change and triple product L-series (with S. Yamana)

     Representation Theory, 26 (2022), 402-431. [pdf]

16. On the non-vanishing of generalized Kato classes for elliptic curves of rank two. (with F. Castella)

     Forum of Mathematics, Sigma, 10(2022), e12, 32.pp. [pdf]

15. Restriction of Eisenstein series and Stark-Heegner points (with Shunsuke Yamana) 

     Journal de Théorie des Nombres de Bordeaux (Iwasawa 2019 special issue), 33(2021) no. 3.2, pp. 887-944. [pdf]

14. Hida families and p-adic triple product L-functions.

     American Journal of Mathematics, 143(2021), no. 2, 411-532. [pdf]

13. On primitive p-adic Rankin-Selberg L-functions. (with Shih-Yu Chen)

     Development of Iwasawa theory - The Centennial of K. Iwasawa's Birth, ASPM(2020), vol.86, 195-242. [pdf]

12. Inner product formula for Yoshida lifts. (with K. Namikawa)

     Ann. Math. Québec, 42(2018), no. 2, 215-253. [pdf]

11. Special values of anticyclotomic L-functions for modular forms. (with M. Chida)

     J. reine angew. Math., 741(2018), 87-131. [pdf]

10. Heegner cycles and p-adic L-functions. (with Francesc Castella)

    Mathematische Annalen, 370(2018), no. 1-2, 567-628. [pdf] (Revised on 10/11/18) erratum.

9. Bessel periods and the non-vanishing of Yoshida lifts modulo a prime. (with Kenichi Namikawa)

    Mathematische Zeitschrift, 285(2017), no. 3, 851-878. [pdf]

8. On the anticyclotomic Iwasawa main conjecture for modular forms. (with Masataka Chida)

    Compositio Mathematica, 151(2015), no. 5, 863-897. [pdf (Revised on 12/20/14) erratum.

7. Special values of anticyclotomic Rankin-Selberg L-functions.

     Documenta Mathematica, 19(2014), 709-767. [pdf]

6. Eisenstein congruence on unitary groups and Iwasawa main conjectures for CM fields.  

    Journal of the American Mathematical Society, 27(2014), no. 3, 753-862.  [pdf

 5. On the mu-invariant of anticyclotomic p-adic L-functions for CM fields.

    J. reine angew. Math., 688(2014), 67-100. [pdf] (Revised on 07/12/21)

 4. The vanishing of the mu-invariant of p-adic Hecke L-functions for CM fields. (with Ashay Burungale)

    IMRN, no. 5(2013), 1014-1027. [pdf]

 3. On the non-vanishing of Hecke L-values modulo p. 

    American Journal of Mathematics, 134(2012), no. 6, 1503-1539. [pdf]

 2. Ordinary p-adic Eisenstein series and p-adic L-functions for unitary groups.

   Annales de l'Institut Fourier, 61(2011), no. 3, 987-1059. [pdf] (Ph.D. thesis)

 1. On the algebraic functional equation of Selmer group for CM fields.

    Journal of Number theory, 130(2010), 1914-1924. [pdf] (Revised on 03/05/12)

Work in Progress

Central derivatives of p-adic triple product L-series and p-adic heights of diagonal cycles (with S. Yamana)

Eisenstein congruence for GU(2,1) and higher derivatives of Katz p-adic L-functions for CM fields (with Adel Betina)

On p-adic L-functions for U(2,1) x U(1,1) (with M. Harris and S. Yamana)

Ph.D. students

Hung, Pin-Chi  (NCU, May 2014)

Ph.D. thesis: Some results on the non-vanishing of central L-values

Wang, Haining (PSU, Oct. 2015, co-advised with Winnie Li)

Ph.D. thesis: Anticyclotomic Iwasawa theory for Hilbert modular forms.

Ishikawa, Isao (Kyoto U, March 2017, co-advised with Tetsushi Ito)

Ph.D. thesis: On the construction of twisted triple product p-adic L-functions

Cheng, Yao  (NTU, May 2018)

Ph.D. thesis: Special value formulae for triple product L-functions and the applications 

Chen, Shih-Yu  (NTU, May 2018)

Ph.D. thesis: Pull-back formulas of nearly holomoprhic Saito-Kurokawa lifts


Development of Iwasawa Theory (Kurihara60), Keio University, July 22-26, 2024

11th NCTS-POSTECH-PMI Joint Workshop on Number Theory, Seoul, Jan 08-11, 2024

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