SCMS, Shanghai, Dec. 12-15

Pan Asia Number Theory conference 2015, Sanya, July 20-24.


Iwasawa 2015, King's College London, July 13-17.



MSJ Autumn Meeting 2014, Hiroshima University, Sep. 25-28, 2014


Japan-Taiwan Joint Conference on Number theory, Kesennuma, Sep. 1-6, 2014


Automorphic Forms and Arithmetic (ICM Satellite Conference), PMI, Pohang, August 25-28, 2014


Algebraische Zahlentheorie, Oberwolfach, July 6-12, 2014


p-adic aspects of modular forms, IISER, Pune, June 10-20, 2014


Mini-workshop on Iwasawa theory, Kyoto University, April 4-5, 2014





PMI, Pohang, Nov. 28-Dec. 2


Workshop in Iwasawa theory, Kyoto University, April 3-6


Number theory seminar, National University of Singapore, Jan. 27-Feb. 1





15th Autumn Hakuba Workshop on Number Theory, Nagano, Oct. 29-Nov. 3


Iwasawa 2012, Heidelberg, July 30 - August 3


Pan Asian Number Theory Conference, IISER, Pune, July 23 - 27


Summer school on Automorphic forms and Number theory, Postech, Pohang, July 2-7


Mini-workshop on arithmetic geometry and related topics, Kyoto University, April 9-11





Workshop on arithmetic geometry 2011, Okinawa, Oct. 10-13


PMI, Korea-NCTS, Taiwan Workshop -Number Theory, Postech, July 24-26. The slide of my talk in Postech.


Algebraische Zahlentheorie, Oberwolfach, June 19-25.


Mini-workshop on Iwasawa theory, Kyoto University, April 8-13




Skinner-Urban workshop, Hong Kong, Dec 10-15


Number theory seminar, Kyoto Sangyo University, July 25- Aug 3


Number theory and automorphic forms seminar, Osaka University, July 30


Mini-workshop on Iwasawa theory, Kyoto University, April 2-6


Number theory workshop, Waseda University, March 17-19




AMS-KMS meeting: special session for number theory and modular forms, December 16-17.


Number theory seminar, KIAS, September 10-13


Conference on Number Theory, Chern Institute, August 23-28


East Asia number theory conference, Tsinghua Univeristy, August 19-22


Formes modulaires, Théorie de Hodge p-adique et Applications, July 13-17


Québec-Vermont Number Theory Seminar, April 16