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NTU is located in the southern Taipei City. Astronomy Mathematics Building, in which the Math department is at 4th and 5th floor, is on the north side of NTU campus. There are three MRT stations near the campus.

The visitors usually access Taiwan via Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport or Taipei Songshan Airport. It takes about 1 hour to get to NTU from Taoyuan International Airport by taxi. It takes about 1.5 hour from airport to NTU by airport bus and taxi. Taipei Songshan Airport is located in the northern Taipei city. It takes about 30 min from Songshan Airport to NTU by taxi.

The visitors often lodge inHoward International House which is 5 minute walk from Math. dept.. Another lodging choice is Just Sleep @ NTU which is located near the MRT "Gongguan" station.

Taoyuan Internation Airport

Airport Metro

Taoyuan Internation Airport has now the Airport Metro service run by Taoyuan Metro. From the early morning at 6 to late night, the Metro serves every 15 minute in average. It takes 37 min. from Airport Termial 2 Station to Taipei Main Station(35 min. for Termial 1). The fare is 160 NTD.

Cousult Taxi or MRT for the rest trip to NTU from Taipei Main Station.

Airport Taxi

Taxis are available at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport 24 hours a day. The taxi ride is about 50 minute and the typical fare is about 1,300 NTD. For more details about taking taxi, see By Taxi. For more detail see this airport taxi page.

Airport Bus

The are many bus lines from the airport to Taipei city which usually run into midnight or even 24 hour. The buse fare is about 85-145NTD. For detail please seethis airport bus page

Cousult Taxi or MRT for the rest ride to NTU。


Counsult this page for other choices of public transportation to Taipei from Taoyuan Airport.

Taipei Songshan Airport

Airport Taxi

There is 24 hours taxi service at Songshan Airport. It is a 30 minute ride and the fare is about 150-180NTD.

Airport MRT

Take the route 1 (brown line) at Shongshan Airport station(Shongshan Airport Station Location Map), get off at Technology Building station. For more setail see MRT.


Taxi is a very convenient option for tourism in Taipei area. There are lots of yellow taxi over Taipei streets. You could take a taxi by making phone call (see below) or just raising your hand by the roads.

  1. Fare scheme: Basic fare is 70 NTD (first 1.25km); the increasing rate is 5 NTD per 200m; waiting time fare is 5 NTD per 80 second. There is an extra night charge for 20 NTD per trip from 11:00 PM to 6:00 AM .
  2. Calling a taxi: The information listed here is for reference only.
    • Taiwan Taxi 4058-8888
  3. Dept. or hotel information:.
    • Mathematics department :Please print Chinese information slip for taxi driver.
    • Howard International House – Taipei:No. 30, Sec. 3, XinSheng South Road, Taipei.
    • Just Sleep @ NTU:No. 83, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei.


Taipei Metro (MRT of Taipei) provides convenient public transportation for visitors of Taipei. For general tourism information of Taipei Metro, please visit the Taipei Metro website.

The MRT stations near NTU are Gongguan station and Taipower Building stations of the Route 3 (green line); Technology Building station of Route 1 (brown line).

Two typical tours are:

  1. Taipei Main Station station to NTU: take Route 2 (red line) on Xiangshan direction, transfer at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall station to Route 3 (green line) on Xindian direction, and get off at Gongguan station or Taipower Building station
  2. Shongshan Airport station to NTU: take the route 1 (brown line) on Taipei Zoo direction, get off at Technology Building station. .
  3. Please consult

    The above picture shows the position of stations, math. dept. and the hotels. For walking and YouBike returing points, see NTU Campus map(department version). There are YouBike renting points by all these three stations. Counsult Taipei YouBikewebsite for detail information. In the follow are the walking information for these three stations:

    1. Gongguan station (Gongguan Station Location Map):
      • To deparment:Get out from MRT Exit #3; walk north along Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road to Main Gate of NTU; Walk along Royal Palm Blvd, following the map to get to the Drunken Moon Lake, the Astro-Math Building is at the north shore of the lake. ---- 20-min. walk.
      • To Just Sleep @ NTU: Get out from MRT Exit #2; walk south along Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road to the hotel.---- 2-3 minute walk.
    2. Taipower Building station (Taipower Building Station Location Map):
      • To deparment: Get out from MRT Exit #2; walk along Sec. 2 Xinhai Rd. to the gate of NTU Sports Center; Walk by Drunken Moon Lake to Astro-Math Building ---- 20-min. walk.
      • To Howard International House – Taipei: Get out from MRT Exit #2; walk along Sec. 2 Xinhai Rd.; turn left at Sec. 3 XinSheng S. Rd. ---- 15-min. walk.
    3. Technology Building station (Technology Building Station Location Map):
      • To department:Get out of the station; walk along Sec. 2 FuXing S. Rd. to the North Gate of NTU; turn right and walk along Sec. 2 Xinhai Rd to Astro-Math Building ---- 25-min. walk.

    Car Rental

    Car rental is available at the airport as well as Taipei City. Car rental companies also offer driver-hiring services for tourists. The actual rates for hiring depend on on-site bulletin notice. Please contact car rental companies to confirm cost and budget. The information listed here is for reference only.

    1. HOTAI Leasing Co.: call 0800-024-550 or visit HOTAI Leasing Co. website
    2. CARPLUS Auto Leasing Co.: Call 0800-222-568 or visit CARPLUS Auto Leasing Co. website