Chin-Lung Wang


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I got interested in K-equivalence relation in birational geometry since my early career and I had worked on a series of conjectures surrounding it. Notably the motivic conjecture predicts the equivalence of Chow motives.

For those cases that the motivic conjecture holds, one may proceed to study quantum invariance under analytic continuations. Together with H.-W. Lin and Y.-P. Lee (LLW), we achieved the goal for general ordinary flops.

I also worked on mean field equations on tori with critical parameters, where the solvability is sensitive to the conformal structures. With C.-S. Lin and C.-L. Chai we have laid the foundation via Lame curves and pre-modular forms.

I raised the idea of A + B theory for Calabi—Yau 3-folds in my inaugural speech at TIMS in 2009. Partial success was recently achieved by the LLW team by studying the GW invariants linked with the B-model vanishing cycles.

We also made progresses on the functoriality of quantum cohomology under blowups with complete intersection centers and under simple flips by techniques of quantum D modules and F-manifolds.      


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