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  1. Ray-Bing Chen, Chien-Chih Huang, and Weichung Wang. "Particle Swarm Stepwise (PaSS) Algorithm for Variable Selections."
  2. Ray-Bing Chen, Chi-Hao Li, Ying Hung, and Weichung Wang. "Optimal Non-collapsing Space-filling Designs for Irregular Experimental Regions."
  3. Cheng-Han Du, Yih-Peng Chiou, and Weichung Wang. "Compressed Hierarchical Schur Algorithm for Frequency-Domain Analysis of Photonic Structures."
  4. Chien-Min Kao, Heejong Kim, Cheng-Ying Chou, Weichung Wang, and Chin-Tu Chen. "A continuous-coordinate image reconstruction method for list-mode TOF PET."
  5. Ting-Li Chen, Dawei D. Chang, Su-Yun Huang, Hung Chen, Chienyao Lin, and Weichung Wang. "Integrating Multiple Random Sketches for Singular Value Decomposition."
  6. Yu Shi, Weichung Wang, Ray-Bing Chen, and Weng Kee Wong. "A MATLAB-based particle swarm optimization tool for finding optimal experimental designs for practitioners."

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