Fall, 2003        ODE(under)        PDE(I)(grad)

Spring, 2004   PDE(under)         PDE(II)(grad)   PDE學期成績(under)     PDE(II)學期成績

Fall, 2004       Advanced Calculus          Colloquium        

Spring, 2005   Advanced Calculus          Colloquium 

On leave in the year 2005-2006

Fall, 2006       Calculus I           Differential Geometry I

Spring, 2007    Calculus II           Differential Geometry II

Fall, 2007   Advanced Calculus I     Topics on Inverse Problems

Spring, 2008  Advanced Calculus II  

Fall, 2008   Real Analysis I      Calculus I  

Spring, 2009  Real Analysis II

Fall, 2009   Calculus I       Topics on Inverse Problems

Spring, 2010  Calculus II     Introduction to Microlocal Analysis      Topics on Inverse Problems

Fall, 2010      Calculus I 

Spring, 2011  Calculus II

Fall, 2011 Calculus I (課程資訊及進度,請上FB粉絲專頁”醫學用微積分”

Spring, 2012  Calculus II

Fall, 2012 Calculus I

Spring, 2013 Calculus II

Fall, 2013 -- Fall, 2014  On sabbatical leave.