Mar 29, 2010 (Mon.) 

New Math. Bldg. 101

9:00-9:30        Registration

9:30-10:30       Hélène Esnault

                        On the algebraic fundamental group in characteristic p>0

10:50-11:50     Yu-jong Tzeng

                        Universal formulas for counting nodal curves on surfaces

13:30-14:30     Hsian-Hua Tseng

                        Gromov-Witten theory of étale gerbes

15:00-16:00     Radu Laza

                        Notes on the compactification of the moduli space of polarized K3 surfaces

16:20-17:20     Stefan Kebekus

                        Differential forms on log canonical spaces


Mar 30, 2010 (Tue.)

Excursion trip to Northeastern Coast and I-Lan


Mar 31, 2010 (Wed)

New Math. Bldg. 101

9:30-10:30       Chin-Lung Wang

                        Analytic continuations of quantum cohomology under ordinary flops

10:50-11:50     Yukinobu Toda

                        Moduli spaces of stable quotients and the wall-crossing phenomena

14:00-15:00     Juan Cervino

                        Lattice invariants

15:30-16:30     Jeng-Daw Yu

                        Hodge structures attached to exponential sums


Apr 1, 2010 (Thu.)

New Math. Bldg. 101

9:30-10:30       Gerard van der Geer

                        The cohomology of moduli spaces and Siegel modular forms

10:50-11:50     Jungkai Alfred Chen

                        Factorizing birational maps in dimension three

13:30-14:30     Takehiko Yasuda

                        Commutative and noncommutative desingularizations via Frobenius morphisms

15:00-16:00     Georg Hein

                        Introduction to the Euclid-Fourier-Mukai algorithm

16:20-17:20     Chen-Yu Chi

                        A metrical approach towards birational equivalence

18:00-20:00    Banquet


Apr 2, 2010 (Fri.)

New Math. Bldg. 101

9:30-10:30       Valery Alexeev

                        Kuga-Satake construction for K3 surfaces near the boundary of the moduli

10:50-11:50     De-Qi Zhang

                        Automorphism groups of positive entropy on algebraic varieties

14:00-15:00     Andre Chatzistamatiou

                        Higher direct images of the structure sheaf in positive characteristic

15:30-16:30     Mircea Mustata       

                        Log canonical thresholds on varieties with bounded singularities