1. How should I prepare myself before coming to NTU to study maths undergrad?
  2. The major math courses in freshman year are Calculus and Linear Algebra.

    Calculus: Some acquaintances with basic functions (polynomial functions, trigonometric functions, exponential functions, logarithmic functions, or even, anti-trigonometric functions ) are preferred. It might help you even smoother if you got some idea about sequences, series, limit, calculus based on polynomial functions, and have some experiences with basic trigonometric identities and standard inequalities (like arithmetic and geometric mean inequality, Cauchy-Schwarz inequality) and

    Linear Algebra: Taiwan high school students know basic Gaussian elimination method, basic matrix operation, and they are familiar with the vector notion of plane and space geometry.

  3. Are there any special regulations regarding international students?
  4. While Taiwanese undergraduate students are required to take both Freshman English and Freshman Chinese, foreign undergraduate students have to take an exam in both languages prior to the start of the semester. They are required to pass both tests, and additionally finish a Freshman English and Freshman Chinese for Foreign Students. Particularly good grades in English, or English native speakers, can get their Freshman English credits waived.

    All students are required to take 18 credits worth of so-called “general education courses”. While Taiwanese students have to take at least one course from each of a number of categories, international students can take these courses from any category.