The Department Administrative Office is at Astro.-Math. Bldg. 503.

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Administrative Assistant
S.T. Yau competitions related affair
(02) 3366-2820
Celia Chang
Administrative Assistant
MOST projects, Property, Purchase
(02) 3366-2818
Lin-Yan Chang
Senior Clerk
General affairs, building-related affairs
(02) 3366-2814
Shao-Yuan Chang
Senior Clerk
Computer, Web, IT related affairs
(02) 3366-2817
Yi-Ju Chao
Senior Clerk
MOST Projects, NTU Projects, Calculus courses affairs
(02) 3366-2819
Yan-Xi Chen
Senior Clerk
Undergraduate students, Department Courses, Student recruitment
(02) 3366-2815
Ming-Yuan Hung
Administrative Assistant
Library affairs
(02) 3366-2812
Chin-Feng Lu
Senior Clerk
Administrative affairs in chief
(02) 3366-2810
Ya-Jane Wang
Teaching Assistant
Graduate student affairs, Calculus courses affairs
(02) 3366-2816
Hsiang-Ling Yen
Administrative Assistant
MOST Projects, Lectures and Seminar
(02) 3366-2822
Yun-Rong Young
Executive Officer
Library affairs in chief
(02) 3366-2813