International Students can all apply for accommodation. However, the University is NOT able to arrange accommodation for couples or families.

Introduction to Dormitories

The university provides several dormitory options, including Prince House, IYC and General Dorms. The following is a brief introduction to the different dormitories.

Prince House -- NTU Chang-Hsing ( Ch. 長興 ) / Shui-Yuan ( Ch. 水源 ) Dorms

Accommodation is provided by Prince Corp. in cooperation with NTU. There are two Prince House dormitories:Chang-Hsing Dormitory and Shui-Yuan Dormitory, which are both located near campus. Internet and water are included in the rent, while electricity, telephone, and cable TV bills are separate. Facilities in the room include an independent bathroom, a bed ( without a mattress ), table, book shelf, closet, refrigerator, air conditioning, 24-hour hot water, cable TV output, internet, and telephone output.

The accommodation contract usually is signed for one year, with 2 month’s rent paid as a deposit. Winter and summer breaks are not free of charge. In case of early termination of the contract ( except for graduation or termination of the exchange period ), the early termination fee is one month’s rent.

For more detail information, please refer to NTU Prince House

Guo Qing Dorms ( IYC )

Guo Qing dorm, also known as the International Youth center, is a dorm for graduate students and international exchange students.

General Dorms

The Student Housing Service Division facilitates dorm placement for students who apply for the general dorms; for this type of accommodation, it is not possible to choose which dormitory you will live in. For information about the types of dorm rooms and prices, please refer to Dorm information.

For more on campus housing information, please refer to Student Housing Servivce Division.

Off-campus Accommodation

Please note that the University cannot find off-campus housing for students, but recommends the “TSUEI MA MA Foundation”

Dormitory room types

Information about dormitory room types is shown in the table below. Please note that the fee and the content vary every year. For the latest information, please refer to the Student Housing Servivce Division.

( 1 TWD = 0.0334 USD = 0.0246 EUR at July 2014 )




  1. Once you check “yes” for accommodation in the online application system, your housing is guaranteed.
  2. Please select at least three types of rooms knowing that your most preferred type is not necessarily available. We’ll arrange for you according to your priorities.
  3. Male and Female students are housed separately in different floors or buildings. Students cannot choose their roommates.
  4. We do not provide student housing for couples or families.
  5. Students cannot host others overnight.

Notes for Prince House

  1. The check-in date for the on-campus accommodation is from September 09, 2014 for the First Semester and from February 23, 2015 for the Second Semester.
  2. When you check in at the dormitory, you need to pay a deposit of two months’ rent. This deposit is refundable after you’ve returned the key and the door security card upon check-out.
  3. If you arrive at your dormitory earlier than the check-in date, please contact the dormitory via email first. Email