NTU Mathematics Colloquium 1060301

張貼人:Assist5 (RSS-Web)公告日期:2017-02-15

NTU Mathematics Colloquium

演講者:I-Kun Chen (Kyoto Univ.)

講  題:Singularity and regularity of the stationary solution to linearized Boltzmann equations

時  間:2017年3月1日 (星期三) 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.

地  點:臺灣大學天數館440室

摘  要:In Boltzmann equation, the interplaying among free transport, collision, and boundary yields rich phenomena in regularity of solutions. In this talk, we will first introduce the logarithmic singularity both on macroscopic microscopic variables due to the boundary. Then, we will discuss the regularity of stationary solution in convex domain. Finally, we will provide the analysis that realize our observation.

茶  會:14:30-15:00

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